Different Printing Methods used in T-shirt Printing

T-shirt photo printing is a trendy shirt printing style. People make use of this printing clothing style to depict their style and personality. They print-t-shirts by making use of different vibrant colors, patterns, and designs. With a change in fashion and time, various methods of printing also change. Advancement in technology and innovations make t-shirt printing more popular and modern for all age groups.

For gifting purpose also this printing method is widely in trend. You can gift your loved-ones with a printed T-shirt which is one of the best and unique idea of gift.


Methods which are commonly used for T-shirt printing such as embroidery, airbrush, embossing or impression, applique, dye-sublimation or heat transfer and laser printing.

Some of the best printing methods used for T-shirt printing are

Screen printing

Screen- printing is the most common type of printing method which is widely used for printing on fabric. In this type of printing method, a particular design is detached into different colors and further printed on the fabric by layering method.

It is important to note that in screen printing, a simulated process is used in which black, red, white, green, gold and blue ink are used for achieving a wider color spectrum by making use of the limited number of colors.


For Inks, light color process printing technique is used. There are few companies who make use of water-based inks on T-shirts. The majority of organizations who provide a customized T-shirt service make use of Plastisol which is another type of color. It does not need adjustment for color at the art level for printing.

Dye Sublimation

For printing full-color designs on t-shirts, a dye sublimation method is used. As this method is one of the best methods but is quite expensive. This process is also a little hard to master as compared to inkjet heat transfer method. This particular method is perfect for printing on fabrics which are made of polyester material.

Computerized Printing

The computerized printing method is perfect for small orders. This method is perfect for printing multi colors and complex designs. Various printed T-shirts can also be quite easily customized by making use of this method.


Vinyl cutters for printing customized T-shirts in small amount is also a technique which comes under computerized printing. In this particular method, by making use of machine designs are cut on solid color vinyl sheets. Next, heat is used for sticking vinyl onto papers. This type of print is of durable and high quality and is used for customizing various T-shirts which are prepared for various small orders.

Direct printing method

Another printing method, which is widely used by people at home is usually a direct printing on a fabric. In this particular method, various types of inks are directly applied on the cloth for getting desired results. Like screen printing, design pattern in this type of printing does not have a heavy feel. But, it is quite difficult to cover a large area of the cloth in this available method.


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