Gift T-Shirts With Photo Printing

Have you ever thought about printing your personal T-shirt design? If yes, then you can easily get a large number of different places from where you can get your t-shirts printing work done. You can do t-shirt printing by yourself also using a computer. In this method, T-Shirt transfer paper is used. This is a coated paper that is specifically designed to be printed on and pressed onto the T-Shirt for getting a print.

One of the most common methods used for printing photos on t-shirt these days is Digital T-shirt printing. It is a process in which your photo, graphic, text or any type of design which you like is printed on a T-Shirt using by making use of a color laser printer an inkjet.


T-shirts are the best gift to gift someone. T-shirts are suitable for almost every occasion, whether it’s a birthday party, marriage event or for any other event. There are different online sites available who provide printing service you can choose any of them as per your requirements.

Photo printing has gained popularity as the new method of printing photos. You can choose various online printing methods for cost-effective, quick, and high-quality printing solutions. One of the biggest advantages of T-Shirt printing is that it can be personalized. If you are looking for personalized T-Shirts for the wedding then you can print one for one for the mother of the bride, for the bride, two or three for the bridesmaids, one for the maid of honor and any other people involved in it.

Choose online sites for t-shirt printing

Photo sharing sites created a unique and different gift options for the people.

This photo printing t-shirt gift will surely strengthen the relationship with your special ones, and make them feel special.

For getting a t-shirt printed you can go for online t-shirt printing sites. The photo printing sites permit sharing as well as printing of photos. They create personalized gifts affordably and easily. These photo printed t-shirts are easy to design and gift.

For getting your photos to be printed, you can upload your desired set of photographs and choose the one which suits the best. You can also crop the photo if it doesn’t fits properly.


A user can crop the photo if it doesn’t fit well. They can write something personal or funny on the photograph and add different backgrounds. It is a unique and the best way to gift someone. These selected printed shirts are further can be easily delivered to the place where you want. A receiver of this t-shirt will be surprised as well as amazed by seeing the effort which you have put into it for creating such a unique and attractive gift.


Get a High-Quality T-shirt Printing Business

T-shirt is the best casual wear which is universally accepted by both women and men from the last few decades because of its high comfort level and stylish look. T-shirts are best to wear in any season. There are a large number of people who order different t-shirts online for gifting purpose. Whether you want to gift someone a birthday, wedding or any type of occasion on which you want to gift, printed t-shirts are perfect to gift.


Starting an online t-shirt business is the best inexpensive way to start an online business. Here is an increase in growth of t-shirt business and there is no doubt that you will face a strong competition. For being the best seller, make sure to have unique designs which people love, a quality on which people trust and a brand people cherish.

Points to keep in mind before starting t-shirt printing business

There are different critical elements essential for starting a successful business of t-shirt printing. Each of these below mentioned essential elements needed to be considered for having a good and reputable t-shirt printing business.

Design– Large number of people who use to buy graphic tees, look for attractive and unique graphics, designs as well as slogans printed on t-shirts which reflect their personality and opinions.

Niche– One of the most essential factor while building a profitable t-shirt business is an ability to stand out from the rest of the competitors and is possible by catering and choosing a specific niche. Being more specific will help you to attract more and more people.

Quality– Quality is also an essential factor needed for sustainability as well as the success of an online t-shirt business. T-shirt printing design which fades or cracks on it, t-shirts which rip and shrinks do not create raving fans who will come back again for purchasing.

Brand– A strong brand is an essential part of boosting your t-shirt business profit. When customers have more options then it becomes very important for you to have a unique presence for capturing customer attention.

Although different tools and technologies are available these days for printing, designing as well as for shipping your t-shirts but being the best is very important for getting a profitable t-shirt printing business. If you are setting a new business then make sure to follow above mentioned some of the best points with help of which you can boost your business standards.

Searching a high-quality service provider for t-shirt printing with perfection in affordable price rates is a daunting task. If you are looking for a well-known and reputed t-shirt printing service provider then go for Blank. With single and easy few steps, you can get your favorite print on a t-shirt. Blank is available with the fastest delivery option for their customer convenience as well.

Different Printing Methods used in T-shirt Printing

T-shirt photo printing is a trendy shirt printing style. People make use of this printing clothing style to depict their style and personality. They print-t-shirts by making use of different vibrant colors, patterns, and designs. With a change in fashion and time, various methods of printing also change. Advancement in technology and innovations make t-shirt printing more popular and modern for all age groups.

For gifting purpose also this printing method is widely in trend. You can gift your loved-ones with a printed T-shirt which is one of the best and unique idea of gift.


Methods which are commonly used for T-shirt printing such as embroidery, airbrush, embossing or impression, applique, dye-sublimation or heat transfer and laser printing.

Some of the best printing methods used for T-shirt printing are

Screen printing

Screen- printing is the most common type of printing method which is widely used for printing on fabric. In this type of printing method, a particular design is detached into different colors and further printed on the fabric by layering method.

It is important to note that in screen printing, a simulated process is used in which black, red, white, green, gold and blue ink are used for achieving a wider color spectrum by making use of the limited number of colors.


For Inks, light color process printing technique is used. There are few companies who make use of water-based inks on T-shirts. The majority of organizations who provide a customized T-shirt service make use of Plastisol which is another type of color. It does not need adjustment for color at the art level for printing.

Dye Sublimation

For printing full-color designs on t-shirts, a dye sublimation method is used. As this method is one of the best methods but is quite expensive. This process is also a little hard to master as compared to inkjet heat transfer method. This particular method is perfect for printing on fabrics which are made of polyester material.

Computerized Printing

The computerized printing method is perfect for small orders. This method is perfect for printing multi colors and complex designs. Various printed T-shirts can also be quite easily customized by making use of this method.


Vinyl cutters for printing customized T-shirts in small amount is also a technique which comes under computerized printing. In this particular method, by making use of machine designs are cut on solid color vinyl sheets. Next, heat is used for sticking vinyl onto papers. This type of print is of durable and high quality and is used for customizing various T-shirts which are prepared for various small orders.

Direct printing method

Another printing method, which is widely used by people at home is usually a direct printing on a fabric. In this particular method, various types of inks are directly applied on the cloth for getting desired results. Like screen printing, design pattern in this type of printing does not have a heavy feel. But, it is quite difficult to cover a large area of the cloth in this available method.

Personalised Valentines Day gifts that show how you feel

Valentines day gifts are one of the most awaited gifts of the year where you get to express to your partner how beautiful it feels to have them in your life. When you can choose anything and everything to grace the occasion, you must choose something really special for the special day. Something that does not demand words to express, something that would just catch the attention of your close one in the most special way.


Personalised Valentines day gifts are really special as they are your personal sentiments and feelings for your loved one. Personalised photo T-shirts are a unique and attractive gift that you can choose this Valentines day to make your partner feel more special. Create your message for your loved one with photo T-shirts being offered at The enlisted points will help you know some of the best suited personalised gifts for Valentines day:

  • The Printed Photo T-shirts

One of the most unique and trending personalised gifts would be a printed photo T-shirt, which would certainly make your loved one go awe. With all you need to do is pick up your cutest picture together and mail it to us. Choose the T-shirt where you want to place the photograph and your work is done. The rest of the creativity and the effects would be accomplished by the expertise in the domain who will deliver you quality end products. Even if you are in a long distance relationship, we aim to make your V-day special for you in any corner of the globe. No other gift than this personalised gift can be better.


  • Personalised photo cards

The photo cards are designed so that you can use your most special photograph in the card and write a beautiful message along for your loved one. It is the time to jot down all you could not ever say. No matter if your relationship is new or cherished, this gift can certainly never go out of fashion. Create a personalised photo card and make your day special. You can always hunt the design that makes you feel loved and special.

  • Personalised photo books

Well, if cards could not play the role of revealing your feelings well, a photo book will certainly do. The personalised photo books can be the home for wonderful memories you have had together and are willing to create together. You can always select from the innovative designs and place all your beautiful photographs on the same. This would be a lifelong gift you will cherish as you grow old. It would be a symbol of togetherness you created which you choose to celebrate this Valentines day.

  • Personalised wall arts

The collection of wall arts cannot be ignored when we are talking about perosnalised Valentines day gifts. You can create a unique and innovative wall art from the best picture collection you have together as a couple and make its way to your wall. It would be something you will see every day and would spread the atmosphere of love and coziness in your room around the year. You can use different wall arts in order to design the same and can always an expert advice in case you want to excel in the quality product.



Want to send someone a personal message of love and care? Why not do it in a unique way this time with photo printed T-shirts. Now it has become easier to order the T-shirts online with Blank as we have made the process easier all you need to is select a T-shirt or a tank top and the photograph you want to adore on your T-shirt.

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